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International Debt Collection

We focus on pursuing payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses. As an agent of creditors, we collect debts for a fee or percentage of the total amount owed.

Tracing Services

Should your debtor have changed address, either by deliberate means in trying to avoid paying you or as an oversight on their part, our Tracing Services can help you locate the debtor.

Credit Vetting

We focus on examining data about a person or organization in order to determine their creditworthiness.


Outsourced Credit Control

Our team of collection specialists can assist your business by acting as your credit control department and collecting your cash fast, effectively saving your time, money, and hassle.


We send all our debtors SMS and emails as a constant reminder of their debts as per agreed dates. This keeps enough pressure on debtors to pay since they are reminded every now and then of the debt that they owe to our clients.

We use a bulk messaging system which helps us to reach debtors who do not pick up calls. Our SMS and emails are tailor made to convey clear and straight to the point communication.


Our legal department, supported by private investigators, auctioneers have credible experience in the debt recovery arena and work hand in hand glove to ensure the delivery of comprehensive debt collection procedures in line with applicable government rules and regulations.




We have qualified Field Debt Collectors who work on pursuing debts in person. These debt collectors are frequently trained in maintaining professionalism in all their practices. Our team are capable of accessing the ability of the debtor to settle and make judgement accordingly.


We have our call center system that was designed in-house and is also hosted in-house. The system helps us to maximize our collections and interact with debtors as much as we can so as to guarantee you a quick recovery of your debt.