Wellcash Debt Collectors Zambia Branch

Each Wellcash Debt Collection team member is passionate about providing you with the highest possible standards of client service, together with maximizing collection results, by applying “out of the box” thinking that ensures a diverse approach is made towards the recovery of your debts. Wellcash Debt Collection’s service in Zambia minimizes collection costs by not charging unnecessary expenses such as membership or subscription fees, account loading fees and in particular Solicitors Professional fees on most legal action, where legal action is necessary to force recovery of your debt. Unlike other debt collectors in Zambia who blindly pursue a predetermined course of action, our team is trained to consider all available and concurrent options for recovery in order to optimize the chances of collecting your debt in the shortest possible time. The above is why our clients are constantly referring our services to others or commenting on the results we achieve.
For every debt, if it is not collected as agreed then no fee will be paid. We have our trained professional Field Debt Collectors who are responsible of recovering your debt in person.
We also work in association with lawyers that have experience in dealing with many debt recovery cases. However before the matter is handed over to our lawyers, we always try to firstly negotiate with the debtor so that we can come up with a payment plan and then we will do follow ups.


Plot 12 Shalom building (next to protea hotel),Cairo road,Lusaka,

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