Unpaid debts can have a negative impact on the growth and development of business.Our debt collection  team offer tailored solutions  to quickly  and efficiently resolve your problems. Wellcash Debt Collectors Kenya offers debt collection, skip tracing , auctioning  and credit risk assessment services. We follow up on the payment of debts and ensure that all debts are collected in time. Our team ensures that the outstanding amounts are paid in time while maintaining a good reputation between our client and their debtors.

Kenya Debt Collection

  • We understand that each debt recovery situation is unique and in that regard we develop a customized recovery program to recoup your money, every time.Our skip tracing investigators utilize an array of resources with state of the art technology,professional contacts, expert phone inquiry to locate the hardest skips.

  • We  provide clients with outstanding debt  collection solutions through our highly-skilled team that is  dedicated and  committed to help hard-working business owners and accounts receivable departments recover their debts while focusing on their core business. Wellcash debt collectors  offers debt collection services at low commission rate with a high success rate. Among the debt collection service providers  in Kenya, we recover your money in shorter time and we always aim for a 95-100% success for every cases handed over to us.

  • We have a deep knowledge of the business environment,a good comprehension of economic and psychological factors that influence the payment behavior of our debtors.


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    Buru Buru Shopping Centre Phase 3,

    2nd Floor ,Office number 220.


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    Tel +254 740 704216



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