As a professional Debt Collection company, How do we go about our debt collections? What ways do we use to ensure that we have a high success rate of recovering your debt. The following methods are used in all of our branches to ensure that we collect your debts and also treat your debtor in a good way that will not hurt your relationship with him tomorrow.


We make a good use of sms/ emails. We send all our debtors sms and emails as a constant reminder of their debts as per agreed dates. This keeps enough pressure on debtors to pay since they are reminded every now and then of the debt that they owe to our clients.


We have professional Field Debt Collectors who work on pursuing debts in person, leaving no room for a debtor to run away since they can track you and pay visits until the debtor comply. This also helps to reach out debtors who are in remote areas and who do not want to answer their phones or emails.


We have our call centre system that was designed in house and is also hosted inhouse.
The system helps us to maximise our collections and interact with debtors as much as we can so as to guarantee you a quick recovery of your debt.

Features Of our System

It eliminates many of these clerical tasks, enabling users to focus more energy on phone calls and follow-up activities.
Alerts & Notifications
Detteware will alert on a missed payments, schedule tasks, to ensure the debtors are always followed up on and nothing is slipping through the cracks
Timely & Accurate Data
Our accurate, centralized accounts receivable database improves customer satisfaction by reducing the number of people our customers must contact to resolve billing and payment issues.
Detteware Brochure

We collect with confidence

Detteware helps us to manage compliance, enhance security, and provide quality service for clients and debtors.
Measurable Benefits Of our System
  • Productivity
We connect with customers and monitor our agents’ activity and performance in real-time for improved internal performance and quality assurance.


  • Management Information
Information is delivered in realtime as well as historically to support management with current analytics, trends, and planning for the future.


  • Reporting
In the Detteware reporting environment, you can view numerous reporting templates which contain information about queues, agent performance, and individual calls. In this interface, you select the period that the report should cover, what agents or campaings should be included and within a few clicks, you have all the information you need to adjust and optimize your performance. Reports can also be easily filtered and emailed or exported to Excel or PDF.
All this helps to make it easy for our supervisors to keep tabs on our agents and ensure productivity. It also helps our clients to have a full understanding of how we handle their debtors.


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