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Do you want a Mozambican debt recovery team who are genuinely dedicated to achieving the highest possible collection results for you?

With many years of experience in debt collection and recovery in Mozambique, we recognize the paramount importance of maintaining long lasting partnerships with our clients. We do this by simply providing you with consistent positive collection results, combined with giving you the ability to measure our day to day performance via 24 hour internet access to our systems to view the collection progress of your account(s) and a paralegal Account Manager who is appointed to personally manage your debts at every stage throughout the collection process through to ultimate recovery.

Our Mozambique debt collection team is constantly trained to explore all available options for recovery, no matter how “outside the square” that collection process may be, rather than simply following a pre-determined action path like most other collection agencies.

Because we achieve the results our clients are after, our services are constantly recommended to others.

Cobrança de dívidas em Moçambique

  • With Alvaro and certificado do registo definitivo Certificates and Boletim Da Republic, and other big companies listed below as our clients, it makes us a trusted company to help you recover your debts and put your trust in us.

  • We work in association with Nadio Malelane & Associations who have top class lawyers that have experience in dealing with many debt collection issues from time to time. However for every debt case, before the matter is handed over to our lawyers, we firstly try to negotiate with the debtor to see if we can come up with a payment plan and then do follow ups. The follow ups are in line with what the debtor has promised to pay and according to payment plan.

  • For every debt owed, if it is not collected as agreed then no fee will be paid.

  • The commission for every debt is charged to the client on what we have collected at the end of the month.

  • We have our trained professional Field Debt Collectors who are responsible of recovering your debt in person if the use of call center and messages fail.

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