Outsourced Credit Control

20 years experience in credit control Ability to escalate fast to litigation stage Free your time to generate new sales Ensures prompt action on ALL debts Professional approach Tailored to your business & payment terms

Tailored, professional sales-ledger collections to get you paid fast.

Our team of collection specialists can assist your business by acting as your credit control department and collecting your cash fast, effectively saving you time, money and hassle.  Let us take away the personal side of collecting debts and allow you time to focus on growing your business through new sales and performing the duties you enjoy.

No-one likes to ask customers for money, and so many of our clients find our proven technique of 3rd party representation creates a stronger relationship because once your customers realize you are serious about collecting your debts, they will respond to that and acknowledge your professionalism as a company. We have the tools, skills, and experience to ensure your aged debt ledger is reduced and cash flow substantially increased, providing a cost-effective alternative to invoice factoring, overdrafts or bank loans to fund periods of slow payments.

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