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Wellcash Debt Collectors Rwanda

Wellcash Debt Collectors are a specialist Debt Collection Agency with an office in Rwanda. We provide Debt Collection, Business Debt Recovery and Collection services to a range of businesses – from small family businesses to large corporate organisations.

The Wellcash Debt Collectors Rwanda team are committed to achieving the highest possible standards of personal client service.

Rwanda Debt Collection

  • Wellcash Debt Collectors is a newly launched Debt collection Company in Rwanda, which however has been operating in other countries in our region for a while now. Having been founded in Zimbabwe in 2000 and operating locally for 18 years, Wellcash Debt Collectors has now expanded to more 6 countries from 2018. This makes us a trusted friend to help you recover your debts and put your trust in if you ever need help with debt recovery because of our experience and reputation in this Region.

  • We also do field debt collection which allows us to track in person debtors who cannot comply through calls and messages

  • We work in cooperation with lawyers that have experience in dealing with many debt collection issues from time to time. However for every debt case, before the matter is handed over to the lawyers, we firstly try to negotiate with the debtor and see if we can come up with a payment plan and then do follow ups based on the agreed payment plan.

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Physical Address

Manager- Mr Gabriel N

Centenary house 3rd floor

Simba super market Street

Next Simba super market


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Cell +250782855180



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