Wellcash Debt Collectors Mozambique

Wellcash Debt Collectors Lda is a unique billing and debt recovery consulting firm operating throughout the country.
We have four specialized areas so that we can be the ideal link between you and your client, credit managers, financial and legal advisors.
We view our relationships with our clients as partnerships therefore we try to recover their outstanding balances as efficiently as possible while respecting the rights and dignity of the debtors.
The smiles of our clients are precious to us that’s why we always get their money back. Integrity, honesty, professionalism, determination, passion and quality services enable the debt recovery team to achieving the highest possible collection results for you.
Our Mozambique debt collection team is constantly trained to explore all available options for recovery, no matter how “outside the square” that collection process may be, rather than simply following a pre-determined action path like most other collection agencies.
Because we achieve the results our clients are after, our services are constantly recommended to others.


Av. Salvador Allende,Bairro Central,Predio nr.42, 2 Ander ,Porta 5.Maputo

Our Phone

+258 21 090 293;+258 87 271 7000; +258 85 217 3146; +258 852173146



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