Wellcash Debt collectors was registered in Zimbabwe in year 2000 and we have 21 years in successful Debt Collecting throughout Africa.  Wellcash Debt Collectors hasexpanded in Africa and is now also a registered company in  Zambia, TanzaniaRwanda, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya.Over time we have evolved and built a reputation based on Ethics and Professionalism. This has made us an African power house in collecting Outstanding Invoices despite the industry or sectorOur track record consistently proves that our Polite but Professional persuasive methods are far more successful than threatening tactics; We recover your funds whilst protecting your brand and your reputation with your clients.


We exist to aid our clients in recovering their funds by implementing the most efficient means in a manner consistent with our core values.
Through honesty and transparency, we shall continue to be an industry trailblazer, fostering creativity and innovation to always exceed expectations and provide world-class services.


Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our clients is the epitome of our operation and of the foundation on which we build the future.


All our operations are within legal and ethical requirements. We have embedded morality in the center of our practices by maintaining a strict clent information confidentiality system.


Through the continuous innovative training and education of our stuff, we strive to adequately serve our clients in a manner that protect their reputation as well as ours.


  • No collection - no payment - Commission received ONLY when the debt has been recovered

  • We have over 21 years of experience, with almost 100 million registered collection cases

  • We recover active and inactive debts

  • We value your clientele reputation and confidentiality

  • We increase your liquidities and confidentiality.

  • We save your time, financial and human resources so that you must inject into your core business development.

  • We implement best negotiation techniques and solutions to handle debtors, so that our clients remain satisfied.

  • We have deep knowledge of the business environment and a good comprehension of economic and psychological factors that influence the payment behavior of the debtors.

  • We produce quick and quality results due to our direct collaboration with legal executors.

  • We provide customized reports at your convenience (daily, weekly and monthly).