About us

We have 20 years of successful debt collection throughout Africa

Expanding across Africa, and safeguarding brands while recovering funds

Wellcash Debt Collectors was established in 2000 and has evolved into an African powerhouse with a presence in multiple countries, including Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique, and Tanzania. With our head office based in Zimbabwe, we have built a strong reputation founded on ethics and professionalism. Our primary focus is to recover your funds while prioritizing the protection of your brand and reputation with your clients. Upholding the highest standards of integrity, we strive to ensure that our debt collection services are conducted with professionalism and adherence to ethical practices, providing you with peace of mind and maintaining the positive relationships you have established with your clients.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of 30 agents who are driven and results-oriented, working under the supervision of 2 managers and 3 team leaders. The assignment of agents to your accounts is carefully determined, taking into consideration the type and size of the book, to ensure effective debt collection efforts tailored to your specific needs.

Your Cashflow Problem is our


With over 20 years of experience, our company has established a strong presence in the debt collection industry. Throughout our journey, we have gained valuable expertise by working with diverse players across various industries, including banking and non-financial organizations. This extensive experience has equipped us with the knowledge and insights necessary to effectively navigate the unique challenges and requirements of different sectors, ensuring our clients receive tailored and successful debt collection solutions.

We save you time and money

Our priority is to recover and collect your money in the shortest period possible, recognizing the significance of timely results when it comes to financial matters. By efficiently handling the debt collection process, we enable you to focus on your core business activities while we work diligently to recover and collect the outstanding funds on your behalf. Rest assured that our dedicated efforts will help expedite the process, allowing you to experience peace of mind and concentrate on the growth and success of your business.


At Wellcash Debt Collectors, we recognize the uniqueness of every organization. Once engaged, we will implement a tailor-made approach that is specifically designed to effectively recover the types of debts you have outsourced to us. We understand that different debts require different strategies, and our team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop a customized debt recovery plan. This personalized approach ensures that our methods align with your preferences and maximizes the chances of successful debt recovery, providing you with a tailored solution that meets your organization's requirements.


Our adaptive nature has been a cornerstone of our long-standing success, especially during challenging times such as the ongoing pandemic. We have proactively implemented dynamic strategies that enable us to effectively recover and collect debts regardless of the prevailing situation or the state of the economy. By staying agile and responsive, we have been able to navigate through uncertainties and adapt our approach to changing circumstances, ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Our commitment to innovation and flexibility allows us to overcome obstacles and maintain our high standards of debt recovery, even in the face of adversity.

Our vision is to become Africa's leading debt collection agency, known for our professionalism, ethical practices, and successful recovery of outstanding debts.
Our mission is to provide exceptional debt collection services, recovering outstanding debts while protecting client brands, fostering trust, and exceeding expectations.

Through adaptability and innovation, we conquer challenges and deliver exceptional debt recovery results