Our services

Experienced debt collectors offering collection, auction, and tracing services


Debt Collection

Our staff have vast experience in debt collection services and have successfully managed to collect outstanding/ written off debt for clients who had given up. We are specialists in Business to Business Recoveries, Business to individual customer recoveries, Public sector and Governemt Recoveries.


Auctioneering Services

Wellcash Debt Collectors offers professional auctioneering services as an additional solution for our valued clients. With a team of experienced auctioneers, we handle the entire process, including asset valuation, organizing the auction event, and facilitating bidding. Our transparent and efficient approach aims to maximize the value obtained from assets such as vehicles, equipment, and real estate, helping clients recover outstanding debts. We prioritize professionalism and integrity, ensuring the best possible results through our auctioneering services.


Credit Risk Assessment

This is very a very essential tool for businesses. We examine and analyse on behalf of our clients, the data about a customer or organization in order to determine their credit worthiness and this helps businesses to make direct lending decisions based upon the customers’ financial health, which can indicate their ability to pay on time.


Skip Tracing

We also offer skip tracing services to our valued clients for no extra charges/costs. We have highly skilled IT personnel with unique search capabilities and this also helps us to maximize our debt recovery efforts. We offer a range of powerful tracing services that will help meet your business requirements for quick and effective debtor tracing.



option one: sliding scale

Age of Loan

1-180 days

Commission Percentage

10 %

Age of Loan

181-365 days

Commission Percentage

15 %

Age of Loan

over 365 days

Commission Percentage

20 %

As highlighted in the table above, in this option our percentage commission will be determined by the age of the loan.

option two: Fixed Commision Percentage

The fixed percentage commission suggests that we charge a flat rate (Agreeable by both parties) on all accounts despite age or amount of the debt.